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Frequently Asked Questions

How do fees work on Ignition Ink?

Ignition Ink is a FREE platform. We don’t charge any fees to join, upload or keep an account. If a piece of your artwork sells you’ll receive a notification and 20% of that sale will be deposited into your account. Your balance is also free to withdraw, we only ask that you have a minimum of £15 in your account.

What can I sell on Ignition Ink?

On Ignition Ink you can sell any of the products we offer in our range. Every product is made to order meaning £0 cost in stock. You can sell any type of artwork on our products from paintings and photography to graphic illustrations.

Simply upload a good quality image of your artwork, select the products you want to offer and let our team to the rest.

How do I get paid?

From your personal Ignition Ink dashboard you will be able to see a history of your sales and transactions. Here you can see how much commission you’ve gained, once you’ve reached £15 simply choose to carry on building your balance or select the withdraw button to your bank account.

What do I need to do to create my shop?

To create a shop you need to provide an email address (which we will verify when you sign up), your first and last name (for our account record), then finally a name for your store (this is how people will find your artwork).

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